I'm a planner and designer. Pursuing my dreams and sharing my love of the industry with others since 2011. I'm the owner of Neira Event Group. I'm a speaker, educator, and last but not least, a lover of chai lattes (and champagne). I was born in Lima, Peru where events were always a big part of my family's weekends (gatherings are in my blood! haha)

My event planning and design style is putting your goals and vision first. I believe that an event needs to reflect our clients and that they should have a cohesive look, engaging experience and most importantly reach their goals, whether that is to celebrate their love or raising funds for a non-profit.

When I'm not working you can find me hangin' with my husband, Dennis and my fur child, Marcelle. Watching our favs Game of thrones, Marvel movies (his picks) or Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars (my picks) or simply out hiking and kayaking in new places.

photo cred: Alyssa Parker Photography

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Random Facts about me

(you may not care about)

I was born in Lima, Peru and I came here with most of my family in 2000.

I speak fluent English, however I can stumble in my pronunciation. My first language is Spanish so I sometimes sound things out... hahaha (Just wait 'till I need to call out the names in your bridal party)

At my parents' house we speak Spanish  and my Brain can think in both... it's confusing sometimes. When I forget words I resort to Spanglish. My family still somehow understands me.

(Pictured) My parents, husband and I visiting Peru in 2010.

I went to college (for a short time) to be a dancer and I danced professionally in musical theatre for several years. Anyway, my favorite class was African Dance and one day as we were taking a class photo my teacher said, "this is boring! Photos should catch you in movement, life is not so serious!"

I think about this all the time and it reminds me that life is about so much more than just work. Life is too short not to be myself.

(Pictured) Me being me.

I have an unhealthy obsession with animals.... any animal.

If you have pets, or any kind of furry friend... then we are friends!

(Pictured) My dog, a Capybara from working with a zoo event and a Horse and kitten from a photo shoot. 

We love to travel and just hitting the road. Word on the street is that we may be taking another (unplanned) trip soon. I don't know where we will go...

(Pictured) Some of our trips from the past years

My favorite drinks are Chai lattes and Champagne