3 things you need to start planning your wedding.

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Congratulations on your engagement. Many of you are going to plan your own wedding and then will hire a Day of Coordinator for the big day. (if you rather listen to this check it out on the podcast)

However I always hear the following.

I got engaged... now what? I'm not sure how to get started.

In order to get you started in your planning process there is a few things that you need to discuss with your fiancee and maybe your family. 

  1. Location

  2. Budget

  3. Guest list

These three topics play off each other. Which ever decision you make on one of these will effect the other.

1. Location - Choosing your location, not only referring to the venue but also referring to the city. Do you envision your wedding outdoors, in a tropical place or in a ballroom? Location choices are endless but this will also dictate a large part of your budget.

2. Budget- Communication has to be very open when you discuss a budget. Or as I call it "Happy Number" because people get weird with that word. Based on the information you got from the venues you were interested in what is your Happy Number for you wedding. 

3. Guest List - Here is where it gets tricky! Your guest list determines the number of everything you need. More guests requires a larger venue, more guests means you need to look at your budget and what it is going to cost to have, tables, dinners, drinks, favors, centerpieces, dessert for all your guests. 

That is why these three topics effect each other, because changing one may, and often does require changes to the others.  So the first thing I recommend to you is to open communication up and discuss these three topics. Once you have these you can start booking the rest of your vendors and deciding on details.

I hope this was helpful!