Feels Good To Be Back

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Holiday Decorating Trends

It felt so good to be back with our friends at NBC15 to talk Thanksgiving decoration, and just in time for this crazy holiday season to begin! 

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But, it can also be the most stressful time of the year. Decorating for the holiday season should be fun-not stressful...right?! Okay...easier said than done. But, we do have a few tricks and tips for you that will surely help to make this year more enjoyable, less expensive, and of course...on-trend.

With our friends at nbc15 we focused on the “Center Piece Display.” If you’re more of a tutorial type gal/guy, please feel free to click the link above. Otherwise, scroll down and we'll give you a little step by step. 

Center Piece, Thanksgiving center piece, Holiday center piece, Holiday decorations, Event Planning

Easy as 123

Okay, so this piece is super easy to put together. As well as easy to transition from one holiday to the next. Of course you can modify this to a version that suits you.

Step 1:

Take one long 6ft garland and bend it in half.

Step 2:

Add some extra leaves (dry, fake, or both), a couple of pumpkins, some antlers etc., so it’s not so Christmassy.

Step 3:

For Christmas, just take the pumpkins out and add in a couple of gold pieces(or whatever else you choose)to make it more festive for Christmas.

Thanksgiving decorations, pumpkin roll, Thanksgiving table setting, Event Planning, Table Setting

Pumpkin Roll

Take any dinner roll that you love, roll it into a ball, cut into it all around, bake it, top it with a pecan, pretzel, walnut etc. and you have yourself a pumpkin roll! 

Holiday Trends, Velvet, Velvet napkin ring, Thanksgiving decorations, Holiday decorations, Table Setting, Thanksgiving Table Setting, Event Planning

a trendy touch

Velvet is super-in right now. From our boots to our shirts, why not our decor too? For this trendy touch, we took some velvet and turned it into a little napkin ring.  


How simple is that?! Now you don’t have to rethink all of your decorations! You'll save some money, impress your guests, and most importantly, you will have an end result that's super cute and on-trend. 


I hope this gave you a little extra inspiration. We can't wait to see everyone's decor...here's to kicking this holiday season off right! 


-The Neira Event Group Team