Moroccan Inspired Styled Shoot at Chula Vista

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How did we end up with a Moroccan inspired wedding?  We don't know! haha

It started by one girl calling another, then another calling another and so on! Talk about girl power, YEAH! This game of telephone was followed by a meeting of the minds with Mikayla from Chula Vista Resort and Tara from Tara Draper Photography (and myself and a chai latte)

After weeks of throwing around endless ideas, it came to a halt when someone said Moroccan. So what would a Moroccan inspired wedding look like, in the fall... in Wisconsin? Well it would look like this! Fallen leaves in a secluded location, different shapes and patterns and a beautiful couple. 

But it doesn't stop there! Our goal was also to highlight upcoming trends for 2017 that you can shamelessly steal! (can I get a "goodbye mason jars")



Wisconsin Dells Wedding planner - Madison Wedding planner

Trends to Steal!

  • Cultural Themes 
  • Patterns
  • Edible centerpieces
  • Colored glassware 
  • Pocket flowers 
  • Simple cake toppers
  • Showstopping jewelry
  • Asymmetrical anything
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