4 things people don't always tell you about planning a wedding

from our publishing "Stylish Weddings"
  1. It doesn't have to be expensive to be memorable. - Yes, a wedding is the most expensive party you will throw in your life but it does not mean that you have to spend past your budget. The first thing you have to do is determine how much you would like to spend on your wedding. (No, not how much your parents, best friend, or co-worker spent on theirs) This is key to determining where funds will be allocated. Keeping in mind that the way to keep costs down is to limit your guest list; since catering and beverages will usually be about 40- 60% of your costs. Depending on your menu choices and serving styles, this percentage can be higher or lower.
  2. Be you! and make your wedding a reflection of your love story - Did you meet at the beach? Well, perhaps you get married, where you met. Are the both of you in an interesting field of work? Then, add little details of that to go along with your theme. Do you like a certain type of music? Perhaps, you have a local band instead of a traditional DJ.
  3. When asking for help from your family, keep in mind that they are there as your guests and to celebrate along with you. - When it comes to asking family to help you with set up, decorating, or perhaps running the day of. Be sensitive to the fact that they also want to be a guest. Often the person you designated for the day of wants to be with the rest of the wedding party throughout the day. Instead of receiving vendor deliveries at the venue. Other than separating your group I often hear about the entire party going to decorate the day prior. If you go this route be prepared to hear opinions. They don't mean it in a  mean way. It is just that they are comfortable speaking their mind and in the end they are not working for you (doing everything you would like)  like a Day of Coordinator would.
  4. Forget about what society or traditions dictates! If you want to have a cocktail wedding go ahead! Groom's personality does not match putting him in a full Tux, then don't!  You absolutely love the light blush gown instead of the white one, then go for it. Now, of course I'm not telling you to be tacky but it is your big day. You have a style, personality and vision different than the other couples. Because of this you have to reflect it on the biggest day of your life! 

I hope these little tips help you along with your planning. HAPPY PLANNING!

Fiorella Neira, Wedding & Event Planner at  Neira Event Group.