Who Run the World?


In honor of ladies kicking some serious ass this year, we asked our team to send in the names of girl bosses in our local area who inspire us, guide us, and who are kicking ass and taking names. From our team of just 8, we have received the names of 12 gals from Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Portage and Madison...holy cow! Now, let’s face it, us women have always been great leaders, we've just been held back. It’s incredible how far we've come, and how prominent we have become within the business world. And with that being said, keep doing what you love, don't hold back, and keep spreading that girl power!

“To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.” - Amy Poehler


Tara Draper, Tara Draper Photography

Tara Draper

Tara Draper Photography


About Tara: We have had the pleasure of working alongside this talented lady on numerous occasions. Tara’s passion, energy, and ability to make people feel at ease in front of a camera is incredible, and certainly shows in her work. She does everything from wedding and engagement photos, to maternity, senior, and family photos. Tara has all the tricks and tips in the book and we can tell you first hand that she will make you look your very best. 

What sets her apart: “The key is creating beautiful imagery that looks natural and has emotion and artistry to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.” -Tara Draper

High Rock Cafe: Oh yeah, and did we mention she also co-owns the High Rock Cafe downtown in the Wisconsin Dells? Which, by the way, is soooo good..if you’ve never been, you must! 

Sarah Van Dyke

Revel Madison


Some background: This lady has done.it.all. Sarah may not have started out doing exactly what she wanted to do, but her hard work and experience over the years led her to figuring out what she was really meant to do. Sarah studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she got her music education degree, teacher’s license, and also minored in business. 
Following her schooling, she had several impressive job positions. Sarah started off in the hospitality industry, working for the Hilton Hotel in downtown Madison. Later she also worked for Epic, and CUNA Mutual Group. Not to mention, during her time with CUNA Mutual Group, she and her husband started their own business. The two created a mobile flipbook studio that provided for weddings, corporate parties and more. 

What she's doing now: After her years of experience, Sarah realized she wanted a little something more. With everything she had learned through her past experiences, she was able to follow her passion for “creating things she wish existed,” and opened up the Revel in 2016. 

What is Revel? Revel is a modern Craft Bar and event space located right off of the Capitol Square, downtown Madison, WI. They offer all kinds of workshops from DIY projects to creative-lifestyle workshops, and they even have their own bar...yep you read that right. Revel's charming space is perfect for just about anything from personal celebrations to corporate events.

Sarah Van Dyke, Revel

KathyMarcelle, SugarPearDesign

Kathy Marcelle

Sugar Pear Design


Some background: Kathy Marcelle is the owner and designer for Sugar Pear Design. Kathy's artistic journey started at a very young age. She loved art, painting, drawing, and creating. Kathy tells us that when she was little, she pretended that her childhood playroom was an art studio. That was the beginning for her.

Her Experience: As an adult, Kathy received a Bachelor of Science in Art, with a concentration in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon graduation, Kathy worked in corporate America as a package designer for Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer and then later as a freelance graphic designer at Mattel/American Girl.

What is Sugar Pear Design? Sugar Pear Design specializes in designing bespoke invitations, announcements and social stationery. The combination of their hand-selected papers from around the world, fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, delivers the perfect reflection of you. Check out their website for more. Link above.

Holly Waterman, Cutting Edge Fitness

Holly Waterman

Cutting Edge Fitness 


If you're in need of some inspiration/motivation, Holly Waterman, owner of Cutting Edge Fitness, is your girl... a true badass.

Background: Holly was recruited to play soccer at Regis University in Denver CO, where she also received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998. Holly's soccer team went to the NCAA Div II Final 4, 2 of the 3 years she played. Holly was a 2-time All American NCAA Division II, and her soccer team was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010 at Regis. 

Her expertise: Holly is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Certified Spinning Instructor, and has certificates in TRX and ACE Strength and Conditioning. She's had a lifetime of experience in athletics, has been coached by world class coaches throughout her soccer career, and has been teaching fitness classes for 5 years in the Wisconsin Dells.

What sets Cutting Edge apart: Holly has battled with weight loss and has also struggled to regain her own personal fitness. But through her life experiences, she has grown a passion for group fitness. With her passion for fitness she has created a place where they strive to maintain a supportive and encouraging environment, while also giving every member the attention they need to acheive their fitness goals. 

"I understand that personal limits can be broken and that true life change happens outside of one’s comfort zone." - Holly Waterman

Meggie Obniski, Realtor

Meggie Obniski

Keller Williams Realtor


About Meggie: Meggie started her realtor career just this last year, and is already kicking ass in the real estate world! 

Why choose Meggie? She may have only started a year ago, but she knows her stuff! If you're looking for an agent that will provide you with a knowledgeable and professional experience, Meggie is your girl. 

Keep killin' it Meggie!

Sheila & Ziarra Link

Sheila Link Agency Inc.


About Sheila: Sheila and her daughter Ziarra are quite the business ladies. Sheila has owned her own insurance agency in Portage and Baraboo for American Family Insurance for 22 years.

About Ziarra: Ziarra joined Sheila as a Sales Specialist in May after graduating from UW Stevens Point with a marketing and economics degree. Ziarra also runs her own in-home wine tasting party business with The Traveling Vineyard and has won numerous awards with her company. Pretty impressive, she must take after her mother. ;) 


Sheila Link, Sheila Link Agency Inc.

Cathy Rost, I Do

Cathy Rost

I do decorating and rentals


About Cathy: Cathy Rost has been the owner of I Do Decorating and Rentals Service since 1996. Cathy and her team are committed to creating and designing your dream wedding,  while staying within your budget. 

Why she does it: Cathy's passion for extraordinary weddings is what led her to this business, and her passion certainly shows through in her work. 


Kari Swan

The Swan Barn Door


About Kari: Kari Swan is one tough lady and business woman. Kari and her family own and operate The Swan Barn Door. They do everything from the creation of the building plans to the actual building of the facility (with the help of their construction crew), and everything in between...impressive right? Just wait until you see the place, it's stunning.  

Some Inspo: The Swan family actually had a very rough first year trying to start up their business, but that didn't stop them. They worked hard and pushed through, and because of that were able to open up and operate this amazing venue.

Ever heard of the quote by Barry Finlay "Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing"?  Well girls...this is a prime example...keep climbing!!!

The Swan Barn Door: The Swan Barn Door is a gorgeous event facility located in the Wisconsin Dells. Its unique, rustic yet elegant setting is perfect for almost any event. Click the link above for more info on The Swan Barn Door. 

Kari Swan, The Swan Barn Door

Allie Schultz, Windswept Design Studio

Allie Schultz

Windswept Design Studio


About Allie: This chick knows how to take control! A talented designer and now owner of her very own studio.  

Windswept: Windswept Design is a special event stationery design studio specializing in custom wedding invitations, watercolor and hand lettering. 

You go girl!

Alison Heesch

Bella Goose


About Allison: Allison Heesch, one of the founders of Bella Goose Coffee, is not only a business woman, but someone who truly wants to make a difference in the world! 

Bella Goose: It all started with a man named Jay who rode donkey-back up the mountains of Costa Rica. Along the way, Jay became inspired by these coffee huts that were on the path. He made the simple discovery that these coffee huts brought people together and was instantly inspired. He shared this with his partners who also became inspired and later opened up Bella Goose Cafe. 

What sets them apart: Bella Goose strives not only to make exceptional craft coffee, but to create a place of belonging and care for a community. 

Fight for freedome: Bella Goose uses the profits from bagged coffee to open coffee shops that fight human trafficking. A movement that brings the good news of freedom and hope. 

Keep fighting/inspiring Allison!


Alison Heesch, bella goose.

Susana Dorava, Fitness

Susana Dorava

Susana Dorava Fitness


About Susana: If you need some help gettin' your butt in gear...Susana Dorava is your girl! Susana is an online fitness coach with a passion for fitness. She is dedicated to helping others get their body, mind, and focus back on track. By helping others achieve their goals, Susana has achieved hers. 

Give her a follow: Check out her instagram @susana.dorava , you won't be disappointed




Mikayla Dhein

Destination Wisconsin Wedding


About Mikayla: Mikayla's love for wedding planning, details and beautiful things led her to being one of the founders of Destination Wisconsin Wedding. 

Background: Mikayla and myself (Fiorella) actually crossed paths at a local sales training put on by the visitor's bureau. It wasn't long before we learned that we both had the same love for wedding planning, details and beautiful things.... it was a match. 

Destination Wisconsin Wedding: DWW is dedicated to showing you why Wisconsin is the perfect Wedding Destination as well as to assist all couples in planning their Wisconsin Wedding through vendor connection, helpful planning materials, and inspiration. 


Mikayla Dhein, Destination Wisconsin Wedding

Who's feeling inspired?? What an incredible group of ladies right?!

And for those of you we didn't catch this time around, we'll be sure to next time...but for now, keep doin what you're doin ladies! 


-The Neira Event Group Team


"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."