5 things to consider when making a timeline

Timelines have a way of giving you a little anxiety... hehe

Here are some points to consider that will determine your timeline for your bid day.

1. Ask your photographer, how long they need. Each photographer and videographer work differently and take a little longer or are a little faster to do certain tasks. Ask them how long they need for the following. Details, decor details, bridal party pictures, family photos, couples photos, any things they plan on adding to the timeline. 

2. Are you doing the first look? The first look helps to have more free time after the ceremony. This will help you keep a shorter cocktail hour, along with the benefits of doing photos before the wedding. Though the first look is not for everyone, having or not having one does dictate certain things for the rest of the day.

3. What time are you getting married? Yes, you have to consider this. Depending on if the ceremony and reception are in the same venue you should decide by considering drive time for the amount for guests you have.

4. Don't make your guest wait! Our biggest pet peeve is to have 200 guests attend a ceremony and then they have to wait 20 minutes after the ceremony for the bar to open or appetizers to come out. The day should flow. Cocktail hour should be ready to go when the first guests arrive from the ceremony. 

5. Not waking up super early! We know it takes time to get ready, especially when you have a large wedding party. Try to have multiple makeup and hair. It should not be one person doing it all, because you will have to wake up ridiculously early and your event goes (for the most part) until midnight. We don't want you to be exhausted by dinner. 

We hope you found these helpful. Happy Planning!

Neira Event Group