Five things to keep in mind for the wedding day.

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You are getting closer to the wedding day, you are starting to go through some panic, feeling a little lost and perhaps like you are missing something. 

Here are five things to think about for the wedding day.

  1. Whatever you bring must go home with you. I know you are getting excited about buying all of your decor instead of renting it. But keep in mind that whatever you bring to the reception or ceremony will have to go home with you that night (plus gifts). Have a car designated for gifts and for your guest book and any small decor you have purchased. 
  2. Marriage license gets signed in black pen. In Wisconsin, your marriage license must be signed in black pen, or it can be denied by the courts.
  3. Don't do any DIY the week of the wedding. You will need the week of the wedding to finalize and gather last minutes things. Leave any DIY for months prior. 
  4. Give yourself a small buffer time in case getting ready runs a little long. When discussing your hair and makeup schedule, give yourself a buffer of time in case things run a little late. 
  5. Consult with your planner and photographer on the timeline. These two will have the knowledge and experience to help you develop your timeline.