11 tips for attending Wedding MBA

As a business owner, this is one of my favorite things I get to do.  I love to learn and keep up with new trends, and meeting other professionals across the country. 

A conference coming up is the  Wedding MBA. in Las Vegas. I attended for the first time last year and I found it to be beneficial in so many ways. I also learned a couple of things for being not only a Wedding MBA Newbie but a Las Vegas Newbie and If you are attending in a few weeks here are my tips to making the best of it.

Basics to keep in mind:

  • Phone/Computer charger
  • A variety of shoes
  • Sweater (hot outside, cold inside)
  • Business Cards
  • Suitcase space
  • Be social (media)
  • Check the weather

1. If you are not driving, get UBER. This is nothing new but because you may be wanting to explore the town or are like me and not want to pay the $50 fee I paid for my airport shuttle get UBER. 

2. Bring the right handbag. Haha, I know... handbag? An annoying mistake that drove me nuts was that my notebook and everything I got from the exhibition hall did not fit in my purse. It felt awkward... I'm sure it looked awkward too!

3. Look at the schedule before you leave. Look at it the week before, the weekend or as you are flying in. I found it important to have an idea or what my learning points and goals were.

4. Bring a notebook that has plenty of space. Or whatever choice of notes you wish to take. Whether that is a notebook, your computer or recording with your phone.

5. Google map the convention center before you arrive. I found it hard not knowing where I could get a lunch or dinner, and simply not knowing the area well enough. Think of it as planning a wedding... You want to see a floor plan before you even go visit the venue, so check out the surrounding area so you have an idea.

6. Bring multiple outfits. Seriously! I did not expect the number of events available when we attended the conference. So I should've brought more outfit changes and a variety of shoes to be a little more event appropriate. Some were a cocktail, some were networking and then the conference of course. In addition, it is hot outside and cold inside (bring layers)

7. Look at the exhibitors before as well. I found many helpful distributors that I now use and place orders from. 

8. Rest your brain!!! You are going to get so much actionable advice and learn so much that you probably want to be prepared for information overload.

9. Leave space in your luggage. In the exhibition hall, there will be many exhibitors and you will have plenty of goodies to take with you.

10. Have a plan to implement what you have learned. It took me almost a year to implement everything I learned. Some things I did right away but some I did little by little. Anyway. Keep those notes, review when you return home and put your plan in action, after all that is why you attend these things.

11. Create genuine connections. I don't mean being that person that walks up to you gives their card and walks away. I mean, get to know the people who are in the same boat as you are and maybe even check in with them throughout the year. Learning from your peers is always a great idea.

Do you have any tips to keep in mind? leave them in the comments.

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