We've proudly served community and corporate events in Wisconsin and Canada.

For the Non-profit that hosts an annual event and needs new and innovative ways to plan, market and execute their event...

For the Business Owner who needs a creative eye to brand and promote their business...

For the Marketing Manager that is responsible for all annual events, in addition to a hundred other responsibilities...

For Community Leaders that want to take their local events to the next level to grow their local economy...

We work closely to help plan, conceptualize and produce annual or once in a life-time events. Through careful planning and management  we lead the way to achieve your event goals.


  • Complete Event Management

  • Midwest & Destination Events

  • Event Branding and Design

  • Event Coordination

  • Travel Management

  • Entertainment & Speakers

  • Venues Management

  • Marketing

  • Registration Management

  • Entertainment

  • Set Design


you are in good company.